The sports program for Roma boys started in July 2013 as a way to give a future and hope (Jeremiah 29:11) to teenage street boys. The main objective is to give the boys a new outlook on life through having them create and achieve goals, giving them the opportunity to succeed, and showing them that they are loved and cared about.

About the boys
Most of the teenagers who participate in the project are “street kids.” They are growing up in difficult circumstances, trapped in a cycle of poverty with no hope for a different future. Adolescence is a time when people make many significant choices that will affect their future, and, without something to give them hope, these boys are likely to follow the unhealthy example they see of alcohol and drug abuse and criminal behavior. Working hard to complete their education may seem pointless to them when there seems to be little hope for a job or a successful life afterward. Some of the boys participating were involved in the day center as young children and others became involved because of their interest in football (soccer).

Program content
The football program is much more than just a football team. The football aspect involves training several times a week and participating in matches against other teams. It integrates elements such as respect, fair play, discipline, participation, appropriate behavior, and cooperation.

The boys also receive guidance and help with their education. The program staff has contact with the boys’ teachers and helps the students to understand their homework, giving them the motivation they need to succeed. The staff involves the parents in this process, visiting them and trying to work together with the parents to help their sons do well in school. After the first year of the program, all of the boys participating had good academic performance.

Extracurricular activities are encouraged and the boys have the opportunity to participate in courses such as computer, music and English as a second language.


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