In January of this year, Kenedi Foundation opened a home for boys in Maliq. This is a project that has been in the works for a while and on our hearts for even longer. The girls’ home has been open for many years and we desired a similar environment for troubled boys as well.

Shortly after we opened our doors, we took in our first boy and now we house five total with an age range of six to thirteen. They learn to clean up after themselves and how to keep their living space tidy. The staff members read them Bible stories and they attend church programs like VBS.

The goal of the house is to keep them safe, love them, teach them, show them Christianity and the love of God. All of them have come from a home of abuse, neglect, or trauma. It is our desire that they learn to trust again and are open to love; not just ours but that of the Father’s.

The home is supported by the church in Maliq and staffed by members of the churches in Maliq and in Libonik. There are five staff members that rotate throughout the week. There are two ladies that do a majority of the cooking. One of the cooks has been attending the church in Maliq for many years and attends a Bible study with her sister and daughter.

There is one male staff member and he is the boys’ tutor during the school year and summer. Many of the boys are behind in school because they have never been before or their parents did not give them the tools or support to succeed. A young lady from the church in Libonik often volunteers by helping with the cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks.

The director of the home, Rezarta DedeZenunllari, is in charge of all of the paperwork for each boy as they are transferred from their homes or from an orphanage run by the state. When she isn’t doing administrative tasks she spends time with the boys reading, going on walks, coloring, etc.

The church is hoping to purchase the house next door as a transition home for when the boys turn eighteen and are looking for work or attending school. The director also hopes to clear some of the plants in the yard to build a small playground for the boys to use.

Please pray that God uses this home and the staff to touch the lives of the boys and all who walk through the door. Pray that we continue to receive the support that is necessary and that our plans would be God’s plans.

Due to security reasons, the boys’ faces are blurred out.