There are four ministry locations throughout Korca. Church staff use these location for outreach to children and preteens. The preteen group is for ages 10-12 and is called Shiponja(Sheep-own-ya). Each location meets on a different day using the same program and games at each place because the students are different.

The program consists of a game or two to grab their attention and break the ice. Usually, it is a student v student game. This is followed by a few worship songs and a student-led prayer. One of the staff members teaches from the Bible using an illustration tool to support their point. The meeting closes out with a group game that involves all of the students. The futbol and life-size game of Sorry you will see below are examples.

Each building is decorated with handmade decorations and murals that represent Bible stories and biblical teachings. Things like fruits of the spirit, the week before Easter, the 10 commandments, and acts of kindness. This creates a warm and welcoming environment that the students love to be in and around.

Summer is the busiest time for ministry activities like pool days, trips to local villages, sports clinics, and camps. The formats of the other church plants are similar with the same goal: To provide a safe place for preteens to get to know each other, to learn about themselves, and to step into a grow in a relationship with Christ.