Many elderly Albanians are able to live in their own homes, but are becoming more dependent on others to help them. The in-home care program for the elderly helps in this need.

Traditionally, relatives take care of the elderly people in their families, but this has been affected by the economy. As more and more Albanian young people move to the cities or abroad to work and build a better life, many leave behind older people to spend their old age in isolation. Elderly care in Albania is underdeveloped. Every year, elderly people die due to freezing conditions or lack of food.

Eldery home care
The elderly home care project provides daily visits and fresh hot meals to fifteen elderly people. We pray with them, helping them with paperwork and bills, household chores and keeping the house warm. Home care is sometimes combined with medical care at home, such as treatment for bedsores or injuries.

Watch a short documentary made by a Dutch TV crew in the spring of 2021


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