The Kenedi Foundation medical clinic and offices are located in the Evangelical Church of Korçë (Kisha Ungjillore e Korçës) in the center of the city. The clinic staff works both in the medical clinic and out in the community providing in-home care.

Korçë has a regional hospital where medical help is offered. Patients, however, may be released quickly from the hospital and aftercare or other follow-up is a rarity. The closest specialized burn center is in the capital Tirana, four hours away. The burn care, in-home care, and lending service offered by the Foundation is something that is not otherwise available in the Korçë region.

The patients and their relatives appreciate the professional level of care and the respectful approach that The Foundation staff offers. The clinic wants to bring healing and hope for those in need by looking after the vulnerable with loving and compassionate care.

The clinic treats approximately 200 patients per month through office visits, in-home care, physiotherapy, and equipment lending services.

In-home Care
The nursing team provides professional care to housebound patients with limited financial resources. The nursing team provides medical services, including treatment of burns, bedsores, and other ailments.

In addition to offering basic patient care, the Kenedi Foundation also provides physiotherapy services in-home and at the medical clinic for both adults and children. The benefits of physiotherapy include increased mobility and decreased pain, resulting in an improved quality of life for individuals receiving the therapy as part of rehabilitation after an injury or illness.

Medical lending service
The Foundation offers a lending service for rehabilitation aids, such as wheelchairs, crutches, and hospital beds, which have been donated by several western organizations. The clients provide only a small deposit for the items they may need..

Meet the staff

Miranda Kalemi-18 years

Rudina Kodra-8 years

Algiza Nurcelli-7 years

Edmond Kalemi-7 years

Emel Gega-1 year

Join us
This work can only be done with the involvement of the many people, churches, and organizations from different countries who are helping the Kenedi Foundation through prayer, compassion, and finances. You can donate here.