There are thirteen church plants outside of Korce that are under the umbrella of the Kenedi Foundation. You can check out some of their Facebook pages by clicking on the name of each city: Bulgarec, Kamanica, Korce, Libonik, Lin, Maliq, Plasa, Pogradec, Pojan, Rrembec, Sheqeras, Sovjan, and Vlochist.

Fun fact: Bilisht was one of the very first churches planted by Open Air Campaigners in the early 1990s. It is now an independent church with their own elder board. They are celebrating 25 years in July 2019! Praise God!

Each church does their own programs for children, teens, adults, and families in their respective villages as well as cooperative and regional events with multiple church plants. Some of this outreach includes VBS, English classes, guitar lessons, futbol camps, and festivals in the park. These are great ways for people to have fun and to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.