More Wheels, More Meals

Last winter, I drove with one of Vila Kenedi’s drivers, Erion Stoceni, during his food delivery route. After an hour of visiting twenty or so homes, Erion shared some thoughts with me about this ministry he was a part of. The first thing he said was he wished the church could do more, especially in the villages surrounding Korce. Today I am writing to tell you that Erion’s dream has been realized. The Meals On Wheels ministry has been expanded to reach four villages in the area: Kamenice, Pojan, Sheqeras, and Bulgarec. I spoke to each of the leaders overseeing this project in their respective villages to get a better idea of how the system works and how many families are being blessed. 

Each leader in the village cooks for the people in their own village and distributes the food two or three times a week. Similar to ‘Meals on Wheels’ in Korce, the elderly individuals chosen are in grueling situations; they are in bad health, live alone, financially struggling, or have no way to take care of themselves or their family. Between the four villages, more than thirty meals are cooked and distributed each week.

Sara Bori from Sheqeras is currently cooking for a woman in her late eighties that is suffering from dementia. She is incapable of cooking for herself and is in desperate need. God has provided the church plant in Sheqeras with everything they need to meet this woman’s needs. Dementia causes confusion and memory loss. Some days she knows who is bringing her food and why? Other days she is completely out of it and needs a gentle reminder. When she is of right mind, she is very grateful to Sara and the Sheqeras team for helping her.

Three churches are in the preparation stages for bringing the ‘Meals on Wheels’ program to their villages; Vlocisht, Plasa, and Kuc. In each active village, we have faith that God will continue to equip us to care for people as their needs arise.