• Anniversary Celebrations: Clinic and Nursing Home
  • More Wheels, More Meals
    Last winter, I drove with one of Vila Kenedi’s drivers, Erion Stoceni, during his food delivery route. After an hour of visiting twenty or so homes, Erion shared some thoughts with me about this ministry he was a part of. The first thing he said was he wished the church could do more, especially in […]
  • A Much Needed Delivery
    On January 27, 2021, after two months on the open sea, a forty-foot shipping container arrived at the Durres port from Detroit, Michigan. Kenedi Foundations receives many containers throughout the year from all over the world, but this one was different. It was filled with medical equipment that is absolutely essential to caring for people […]
  • Construction in Sovjan
    Isaiah 58:10 says, “If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.” At Kenedy, we desire to do just as God commands by caring for people’s physical needs as in addition to their spiritual […]
  • A New Pirate Adventure
    Last year, pirates took over the church in Korce for VBS week. This year, our program looked a little different and the pirates traveled beyond the church. Kisha Ungjillore e Korce partnered with the local government and World Vision to host our pirate adventure at the outdoor sports complex in town. Being outdoors allowed for […]
  • Beautiful Feet
    Paul writes, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have never heard? And how can they hear without anyone preaching them? And how can anyone preach […]
  • Food Aid During Corona
    A boy stands on the curb outside his house. His small hands clutch a stuffed Peppa Pig. Next to him, stands his father; dark-haired with serious, squinting eyes. The sun is warm, but the wind is cold. The boy’s stomach yells out for food and the father can feel an emptiness in his gut. They […]
  • In-Home Nurse Visits
    The medical clinic located in the Evangelical Church of Korce was created to provide professional-level care that is otherwise not provided in the Korce area. The nurses treat up to fifty people per day and twenty of those patients are cared for in their homes. This past week, I shadowed one of the nurses, Emel, […]
  • Meals on Wheels In Korce
    The Kenedi Foundation has a ministry that is based out of Vila Kenedi, our nursing home. Monday through Friday a drive takes thirty to forty meals around Korce to individuals and families that are in need of a hot meal due to poor financial, physical, or mental condition. The meals vary depending on what supplies […]
  • Christmas
    Christmas is a wonderful time of the year filled with joy, festivities, and holiday traditions. For us, at Kenedi it is a busy time filled with ministry parties, Christmas sermons, community outreach, and a theatrical production. By God’s provision and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our many projects were successful in spreading the Christmas […]
  • To Durres, With Love
    On Tuesday, November 26 just before 4:00 in the morning, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the village of Thumanë near Durrës, Albania. Across the nation, 7,900 buildings were damaged, leaving 40 churches without places to meet; 6,000+ were left homeless and searching for shelter in hotels, tents, and with relatives; 3,000+ were injured; 51 people […]
  • The Garden Villa Project
    Ryan and Kayla McDonald are the missionaries overseeing the Garden Villa project. Ryan is from San Diego and Kayla is originally from Canada. They married in June 2017 and came to Albania on their honeymoon. While they were here, they discussed the idea of opening a coffee shop. The vision was to create a business […]
  • Update On the Street Kids Centers
    The organization opened a center for street kids in 2003. Sixteen years later, the center is everything it was envisioned to be. This summer, the center was open every day. The kids were involved in many activities like summer camp, sports camps, pool days, and special day trips. Now that the school year has begun […]
  • A New Home For Jeta
    Jeta is an elderly woman that lives in the village of Vloqisht. She is the mother of four boys. Sadly, her husband died many years ago and one of her sons died recently. Two of the sons are married and another is working in Greece. Her house was poorly built with an unstable foundation and […]
  • Adrian Snell Year 17
    This marks another successful visit for Adrian to Korca. The focus for this year was music therapy training for the staff. It has been our vision to provide mobile therapy to the children in the villages. Adrian provided us with some tools and tips for doing this effectively. About Adrian He is from Bath, England […]
  • Tennis and Footbal Camps
    In a previous article, a group from Christ the Rock Church was mentioned. Some members of the team put together a program for people with disabilities which you can read about here. The other part of the team ran football camps for two weeks. The first was in Pojan and the second in Korca. Each […]
  • Bringing The Gospel to the AZIL
    Every year for the past twenty years, a group from Christ the Rock Church near Bristol, England have come here to Korca to minister. They work with the residents at a government-funded home for those with disabilities and run futbol camps in Pojan and here in Korce. You can read about futbol camp in another […]
  • Summer Team In Sheqeras
    Summertime is the peak of all ministry activity with the church plants firing on all cylinders. To help with this, a variety of teams come from all over the world to do work projects, English camps, VBS, street preaching, etc. From July 13-27 a combined team from Michigan and Indiana in the USA came to […]
  • Mission Possible: Campaigning For Christ
    This week, we have had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful team from the United States. They hail from areas in Virginia and Maryland led by Paul and Carmiña Adams who have been leading teams like this for about twenty years. Over the course of seven days, they visited seven cities/villages in Korce county to […]
  • The Beginning of Seasons
    Last night was the grand opening of a project that the church plant in Pogradec has been working hard at for many months now. One of the spaces in the building that they rent opened up and they took advantage of the opportunity to open a bakeshop. Earlier this year they opened a cafe and […]
  • VBS 2019-Pirates Take Over the Church
    Every year, Kisha Ungjillore puts together a Bible program for the children in Korce, ages six to ten. This VBS then travels to many of the church plants in surrounding villages. This year the theme was Pirates and kids had a blast sailing the open seas. Each day would begin with a group worship and […]
  • Pirates in the Pedonalia
    The staff and volunteers at Kisha Ungjillore e Korces put together a small festival the weekend before this year’s VBS to promote it among the children and families. Everyone was dressed like pirates and there was even a Jack Sparrow look-alike. The children enjoyed fun games, water relays, and dancing. Face painting stations were set […]
  • Say it with flowers . . . . .
    To start summer 2016 with, a workshop was held in June at the nursing home. The whole event was organized and donated by a team from Norway. And of course, the seniors could take their own creation to their room. So they could enjoy it for many days. Nice initiative.
  • Some impressions of the Easter concerts with Adrian snell
    The 5 concerts that Adrian Snell preformed in The Netherlands have been successful. People were able to relive the powerful message of Easter through the music of Adrian with the beautiful voices of the vocalists, the musicians and the choir. Adrian promoted the work of the Kennedy Foundation and the collection amounted to about 8000 […]
  • Results Dutch easter concerts for Kenedi Foundation
    The Kenedi Foundation is pleased that the British musician Adrian Snell is again prepared to take up a collection during his Passion Easter concert for the benefit of this Albanian foundation. The five concerts on 24-28 March in several Dutch towns and cities will tell the Easter story in a musical way. During the evenings, […]
  • Football uniforms for youth
    Football is in Albania’s favourite sport. Many Albanians regularly play football, including a group of (Roma) boys that the Kenedi Foundation support. The group of 10-16 year olds receive twice weekly training and have a weekly football match on an indoor football pitch. The Dutch football club OWIOS donated the entire team tracksuits with children’s […]
  • Therapy sessions for staff and children
    Jenny is a young mentor health doctor who has come from Scotland to serve for two weeks the Kenedi Foundation. Over the two weeks she has been giving therapy session in small groups and giving the staff Techniques to help them support the children’s emotional development and health. Here in Albania, there is very little […]
  • Safe home for girls – Ten years on
    In September 2005, ten years ago, the American Rebecca started, after much deliberation, a ‘safe home’ for vulnerable Albanian girls in Korça. Her personal motto is: “To love children nobody else loves” and she created a safe environment for the girls so that they can work on their future. In 2003 a day centre for […]
  • Twenty years serving in Albania
    In August 1995 Marleen van de Voorde exchanged her Belgium for Albania. Now, twenty years later, she looks back on her time in Albania. She experienced a lot of highs and lows, but her trust in God gave her strength to persevere and continue. This is an interview with an enthusiastic person. The 55-year-old Marleen […]
  • Ruth’ mission trip experience
    16-year old Ruth Nuevo left Bristol, England and travelled to Albania for a mission trip, together with 25 others; where they undertook social work and organisation at a football camp. It was her first time in Albania, to help the Kenedi Foundation and she’s sharing her experience. Other girls at my age are traveling to […]
  • Elderly house is full
    The 28th resident of the retirement home was welcomed yesterday. The 85-year-old lived in Evdoksia permit, but was born in Korça. Her children can’t take care of her anymore and she is unable to look after herself. Special is that Evdoksia (with headscarves) is raised up in Korça, but went away. Now she is living […]
  • Basement girls safe home becomes apartment
    The cellar under the safe home for girls is being converted into apartments and will soon accommodate two young adults. They will be accompanied live there. At the end of 2014 the idea arose to renovate the basement under the girls house. After making plans, producing a budget and finding suitable contractors, work commenced in […]
  • A foodbank opens in Korce
    The Kenedi Foundation has partnered with Nestor Furxhi in opening a food bank. The project, which is the fourth of its kind in Albania, began in March 2015 when the group began collecting healthy, non-perishable food for distribution. Food is being collected in supermarkets and stored at the Evangelical Church of Korce/Kisha Ungjillore e Korces. […]
  • Sixteen and Counting
    Villa Kenedi, our elderly care home has been open for a year and a half! What a blessing it has been to the 16 elderly that currently call it home. From their rooms and common areas these old folks see a magnificent view of the Korce valley as they are loved and cared for by […]
  • Graduation
    We graduated three boys out of our Children’s Day Center in Korce this week, Vacili, Jorgo and Mihael. They grow up so fast and it was hard to say goodbye, but it was time. What a joy it was to love these guys and live into their lives during the time they were with us. […]
  • Photo overview building eldery home
    A photo overview of the construction of the eldery home. In April 2011 the first spade went into the ground and a year later was the formal opening. In February 2012 the first residents moved into the eldery home. The complex has 18 rooms and a maximum capacity for 28 elderly people. More pictures are […]