The Evangelical Church (Kisha Ungjillore) in Korça organize a lot of activities. Every Sunday the service begins around 10:30 am and is attended by about 200-300 people including a lot of youth. During each service, there is a focus both for the youth and the elderly. The service besides a sermon, includes lively worship and a drama that portrays the essence of the message.

logo Kisha Ungjillore e KorcesThe Evangelical Church is one of the largest churches in Albania and has roots that go back to the very earliest days of Protestantism in Albania (1892). The church has several sister churches / church plants in villages around Korce including Pojan, Vloҫisht and Plaҫe. The Kenedi Foundation has a strong relationship with the church.

On weekdays the church building is also used for various activities including a medical clinic and for the education for disabled kids. The church, in Albanian “Kisha Ungjillore e Korces’ has a facebook page.