Construction in Sovjan

Isaiah 58:10 says, “If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.” At Kenedy, we desire to do just as God commands by caring for people’s physical needs as in addition to their spiritual needs. In tandem with this command, the Father has equipped us with the funds and skills to care for the people of our congregation and beyond. 

One of our church plants(Libonik-Maliq) led by Pastor Plator Collaku has been evangelizing in a small village called Sovjan near them for some time now and planting another church. It came to their attention that a family of seven that attended was living in very poor conditions. The father works hard to provide for his family but it is difficult with only one income. There was no plumbing system whatsoever; the family members were unable to have water for drinking, cooking, or cleaning. 

The exterior and interior walls were in ruins. By the looks of it, the ceiling could collapse at any moment. There was no insulation in the roof and faulty windows resulting in no way to keep the cold in and the warmth in. Altogether the house was cold, dreary, and no place to raise a family. 

Plator gathered a group of workers and completely renovated the house. They put strong siding on the outside of the house and painted in a bright, welcoming pink. The walls inside the house were completely redone and made to look like new. The tile was put in the bathroom and a door was placed at the entrance. In addition, plumbing was run through the entire house so the family could drink, eat, and clean themselves safely. New windows were installed in the place of the old ones and insulation filled the gaps in the roof. The family also received gifts and some traditional treats for the New Year season. 

As an organization and as believers of Jesus, we feel very blessed with the ability to care for God’s people in such tangible ways. It is our hope that support continues to allow us this privilege and that change will continue to sweep through this beautiful country one family at a time. Thank you and God bless you all.