Food Aid During Corona

A boy stands on the curb outside his house. His small hands clutch a stuffed Peppa Pig. Next to him, stands his father; dark-haired with serious, squinting eyes. The sun is warm, but the wind is cold. The boy’s stomach yells out for food and the father can feel an emptiness in his gut. They stand waiting for the white van that carries what they need most. They wait for the box that will quiet the yelling and fill the void.

As the driver puts the vehicle in park, the father steps off the curb. While the father is taking the box from the driver there is a change in the boy. He does not smile, but his eyes show what his lips do not. The muscles in his face relax as relief washes over him. The box his father just took is not like any other. It holds the food that will make up his next meal and more to follow. Without this box, his stomach would be as empty when he lays down at night as when he rises in the morning. With this box, the grumbling would quiet and the ache would be soothed. This box makes all the difference. This box changes his life.

This is just a single story but there are hundreds of a similar nature. So many people rely on the food packages and other aid items distributed by the Kenedi Foundation. Thankfully, through donations, we have continued to provide food to families in need during this troubling time. There are more people out of work than ever before because of the shutdown of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clothing stores, etc. As families come forward with needs we are able to provide them with the things they need.

Last week, a dozen church staffers came to the church to assemble food packs. All the food came from a grocery chain called Euromarket. They were willing to do their part in helping the people of Albania by providing all of the food at a discounted price. Each pack contained flour, corn, sugar, salt, coffee, chicken, pasta, sauce, butter, oil, milk, beans, lentils, detergent, fabric softener, and soap. One village was also distributing Bibles.

The first day, one hundred packs were assembled and in the days following, God has provided the funds and supplies to help five hundred families in Korce, Maliq, and Pogradec. Many of these families attend our church on a regular basis or take part in the Bible studies and ministries held by the church every week. 

Some of the people that we assist have been on our Foodbank list for many years now and we continue to help them during this time, but many of them have been added because they are out of work. The entire world is in a state of uncertainty. No one knows when we will even begin to return to a way of life that resembles what we once knew. As long as these conditions continue, our list of needy people will continue to grow. 

We are asking for your help during these times of fear, trouble, and great need. We need your financial support to keep caring for our congregations and our communities. It costs $20 to assemble one food package so by giving today you could change the lives of an entire family.

To give, go to and select Covid-19 Crisis Fund.

Thank you and God bless