Update On the Street Kids Centers

The organization opened a center for street kids in 2003. Sixteen years later, the center is everything it was envisioned to be. This summer, the center was open every day. The kids were involved in many activities like summer camp, sports camps, pool days, and special day trips. Now that the school year has begun the hours have changed to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after the kids are dismissed from class.

The staff play games with the kids, assist with homework, prepare meals, clean the center, keep the peace, and do whatever it takes to keep the center running. Above all else, they love the kids as Jesus loves us. These are the kids that the rest of the world walks past on the street with their eyes everted and their pace quickened. The doors of the center and the arms of the staff are wide open.

The Korce center cares for about sixteen kids per day. They play outside, do homework, make crafts, and read Bible stories. They learn hygienic habits and cleaning up after themselves. Some of the fun activities include playing football, card games, making crafts, and going out in the yard.

The church in Maliq decided to open a street kids center not too long after the original. Four years ago the center moved to the next village over, Libonik, because the church there had more space. The center serves approximately 20 kids per week during the school year and more in the summer. During the school year, the center opens at 1:00 when school is over and the kids stay until 4:00.

The two staff members work hard to provide a safe place for them to have fun and be productive. Dita cooks lunch for the kids and keeps the place clean. Klara helps the kids with homework, she facilitates crafts, and she tells Bible stories. Dita worked in Maliq for three years at the center and has worked in Libokik all four years the center has been open here. Klara worked at the center for eight years. Half in Maliq and the other half in Libonik.

We ask that you pray for the hearts of the staff members. Pray that they have the patience to handle stressful situations on a daily basis. Pray that their hearts continue to overflow for each kid that crosses the threshold. Pray for each child that finds refuge in the center. Pray that their hearts will be open to the kindness of others and the Gospel in action. If you would like to donate to the center, please click here. We appreciate all of your support. God bless!