A New Home For Jeta

Jeta is an elderly woman that lives in the village of Vloqisht. She is the mother of four boys. Sadly, her husband died many years ago and one of her sons died recently. Two of the sons are married and another is working in Greece.

Her house was poorly built with an unstable foundation and a weak roof. At the beginning of June, a few major earthquakes hit the Korca area, her house was left in disrepair. The walls were crumbling and the roof was leaking.

The Vloqisht church wanted to help but didn’t have the funding for the project so they prayed for God’s provision. As always, He came through in amazing ways. The same Dutch team that raised funds for the church in Sheqeras, raised the funds to rebuild Jeta’s house. With the money raised, the men and teen boys from the church fixed up the entire house.

They even finished it with a fresh coat of paint. The yellow gives the home a cheery feeling that welcomes new beginnings. Just last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Jeta in her new home and the smile on her face said it all. She was happy to welcome us into her home because the walls stood strong and the roof fought off the elements.

The Kenedi Foundation has many established ministries and churches in the villages but sometimes the needs that arise go beyond what we are capable of caring for on our own. It is through our supporters that we are able to help in situations like Jeta’s. If you would like to help change someone’s life and be apart of God’s work here in Albania, please consider donating.

The photos that appear below are in chronological order from before to after reconstruction.



Adrian Snell Year 17

This marks another successful visit for Adrian to Korca. The focus for this year was music therapy training for the staff. It has been our vision to provide mobile therapy to the children in the villages. Adrian provided us with some tools and tips for doing this effectively.

About Adrian

He is from Bath, England and he has been doing music for a majority of his life. He is married with three children, one of them joined him on this trip. He studied jazz in college and went onto a long career of recording and performing all around Europe for many years.

After his final big tour came to an end, Adrian switched gears to music therapy. He wanted to use his love and gifting of music to help people transform the way the see and interact with the world. Music can be healing so Adrian took advantage of this fact.

About Carla

Carla is Adrian’s daughter that came with him this year to assist with therapy and to perform at the concert. She also has a background in music and works in the field at an amazing London-based charity called Key Changes. They provide musical mentorship, recording capabilities, and production for musicians in mental hospitals or living with mental health issues. You can check out their website here.

Concert in Maliq

In the past, Adrian has put on a handful of concerts around Korca, but this year decided to move to a village just outside of town called Maliq. The Kenedi Foundation has a church there that worked with Adrian to put together the venue and equipment. On the night of the concert, the cafe was filled with members of the community and the mayor of the city in the front row.

Before the music began, the crowd gathered outside for wine and hors d’oeuvres. Adrian and Carla performed a ten-song set, pulling music from a handful of his albums and a few covers. Adrian shared a few stories about the origins and meanings of the songs. Plator Collaku, the pastor in Maliq, translated for him. It was a magical evening of music and fellowship. Thank you, Adrian and Carla, for your hard work. Come back soon!

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