Tennis and Footbal Camps

In a previous article, a group from Christ the Rock Church was mentioned. Some members of the team put together a program for people with disabilities which you can read about here. The other part of the team ran football camps for two weeks. The first was in Pojan and the second in Korca.

Each day was filled with drills, games, and matches. They learned basic and intermediate skills and strategies for moving the ball on the field. At the end of each week, they had a championship game and the winners were awarded a trophy. The boys were also given athletic shirts by the English team as gifts.

At the time of the football camp in Korca, there was a beginner tennis camp going on for the girls ages 10-12. A coach from America put together activities and games to teach the basics of the game. The girls learned hand-eye coordination, groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and keeping score.

Throughout the week, the girls competed for candy during games, Their favorite game to play was called jailbreak. If they made a mistake they would put their rackets down and run to the other side of the court. In order to get out of jail and back in the line they had to catch the ball before it hit the ground a second time.

On Wednesday the group went to the pool to cool off after playing all morning. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. At the end of the week, the girls put their new skills to the test in a tournament. The semi-finalists won a medal and a jump rope while the champion was given these things and a can of new tennis balls.

The coach received positive feedback about the camp from the girls and it is possible there will be another camp before summer ends. Please pray that these camps will always be more than just learning to play sports. It is always about bringing kids to Christ and getting them involved in the church.