Mission Possible: Campaigning For Christ

This week, we have had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful team from the United States. They hail from areas in Virginia and Maryland led by Paul and CarmiƱa Adams who have been leading teams like this for about twenty years. Over the course of seven days, they visited seven cities/villages in Korce county to preach in the streets. Here is their team blog: https://missionpossiblealbania2019.blogspot.com/2019/07/family-ministry-outreaches-albania-this.html?fbclid=IwAR3Ao7l1mEly1HsL1ktLJ1riOSADh4j9qbmGLSIk8Ri3cpTxLVZUOAa9ZaI

We commend their use of music, drama, puppetry, and testimony to grab the attention of adult and children alike. Each program was unique in matter of order of presentation and the roles of each team member but they all followed a very similar structure.

Upon arrival at the sight, the team would promptly begin setting up the puppet stage, sketch board, and speakers. Once the area was set, the American team together with the staff from the church plant in Pojan would begin the “Chicken Dance.” The moves of this funny dance would catch the eyes and ears of the pedestrians.

It was quite a sight to see the children crowding the stage to join in on the fun, many times joining the team in dance and laughing as the twirled and shook. After the music faded, a member of the Albanian or American team would grab a microphone and share the story of how they came to know Christ and what that meant in their lives. If an American shared, a member of the Albanian translated and they worked together gracefully to share the good news.

The team then transitioned into the puppet show to recapture the attention of the younger audience members. This week, the team had two shows in their playbook to choose from. One about a man in jail that learned about Christ that was saved and the other about creation and the fall. The children particularly enjoyed the latter because of the animals and the water spray.

At the conclusion of the puppets, another section of the team stepped up to perform a drama called “Set Free.” A young girl is tempted by the devil to repeatedly choose sin in her life until she is completely weighed down by her choices. A man in white emerges from the background to fight the devil and take the sins from the girl’s neck. Before he can claim victory, two other figures emerge and kill the man on a cross. When all seems lost he rises and defeats the enemy and takes the girl by the hand.

The drama concludes with this man, Jesus Christ, giving the girl freedom, joy, love, peace, and protection in place of the sign that once dragged her into darkness and captivity. The girl and Jesus walk together stage left and the crowd responds with cheers.

The team performs this drama very well and it is paired with a perfect soundtrack. As the actors clear, the sketch board takes center stage and another American and a translator stepped up. They would proceed with a ten-minute story from the Bible with visuals to portray salvation in one more way. The sketch-board presentation ended with an invitation to speak to any of the Pojan staff that was in the crowd ready for questions.

It was an amazing week of open-air ministry in the streets of Albania and we can’t wait to have the team back to do it again. We are thankful that they are staying another week to continue their partnership with the Pojan church plant for VBS. Thank you Mission Possible for being such a blessing!

If you or your church are interested in taking a ministry trip here to Albania, please let us know by contacting Ian Loring. ian.loring@oaci.org