The Beginning of Seasons

Last night was the grand opening of a project that the church plant in Pogradec has been working hard at for many months now. One of the spaces in the building that they rent opened up and they took advantage of the opportunity to open a bakeshop.

Earlier this year they opened a cafe and construction is underway for a bed and breakfast. All of these projects share the goal of raising funds to support the church and to employ local residents.

Anyone walking down the streets of Pogradec is drawn to Seasons by its bright and inviting storefront. The paint is a combination of sunshine yellow and mustard that contrasts the blue skies. For the grand opening, gold and white balloons adorn the front on either side of the entry.

If the look does not entice a potential customer then the aroma will. Smells of fresh-baked bread, raw and carmalised sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate fill the bakery and the street. The staff is friendly and helpful; they also speak English so it is a great tourist destination.

For the grand opening, I sampled a banana muffin and double chocolate chip cookie and both were delicious. So good, that I almost went back in for more. To avoid a sugar overdose, I bought a cinnamon roll to go which I enjoyed as breakfast the next morning. I will be making quite a few trips to Pogradec for some tasty treats and so should you.

Please pray for the leaders in Pogradec as this project and others continue to grow and hopefully prosper. Pray that they will bring in enough to support the church in some way. God has always provided and we have faith that he will continue to do so. Amen!