Basement girls safe home becomes apartment

The cellar under the safe home for girls is being converted into apartments and will soon accommodate two young adults. They will be accompanied live there.

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At the end of 2014 the idea arose to renovate the basement under the girls house. After making plans, producing a budget and finding suitable contractors, work commenced in mid-June. Currently work is going on to insulate the basement walls and install new electricity and plumbing.

The apartment is approximately fifty square metres and has a bathroom, double bedroom, storage room and living area. A youth group from the Dutch city of Ommen comes in early August to finish the apartment by, among other things decorating, furnishing and installing a kitchen. The group organized in Holland some fundraising events to cover the rebuilding costs.

Independent living
The apartment is due to be opening soon. One 18+ lady in the girls house will supervise the girls who will move in. It is hoped that the apartment will assist the girls in adjusting to adulthood giving them more independence through having to cook, wash themselves and manage their own finances.

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