Women’s Shelter

domestic-violenceIn 2011, the Kenedi Foundation opened an emergency shelter for women who are experiencing domestic violence, as a place to escape the danger and take a breath.

Over the next two and a half years, 38 women and one man were helped out of acute situations of violence. The Kenedi Foundation has a two-room apartment available which is suitable for emergency situations. The women’s safe house project was initially started through a partnership with the United Nations Development Program and the local government of Korçë.

“Every day… I had bruises around one eye, [so] he hit the other eye. Every day, for three years. You might not recognize me because my face was inhuman.”
–one of the women helped by the safe house

Some numbers
In Albanian culture, domestic violence is all too common. In a survey of 2,590 respondents, 39 percent of the women reported suffering from mental abuse; 31 percent of the women reported physical abuse; and 13 percent of the women reported sexual abuse. In 2014, there were 156 domestic violence situations registered and addressed in Korçë, and many others undocumented.

In 2011 and 2012, the Kenedi Foundation organized campaigns in the cities of Korçë and Pogradec to draw attention to the underexposed subject of domestic violence. The campaigns sparked dialogue in the cities and discussion among social workers, but more change and resources are needed for those who suffer with violence daily.


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