Safe home for girls

safe-homeCreating the day center for street kids provided more extensive insight into the lives of the children involved in the program. A shelter was started in 2005 after the staff at the center found out that there were girls being exploited and living in unthinkable situations at home. The shelter eventually became a safe home registered with the Albanian authorities. In 2013 the Kenedi Foundation renovated a larger house, which is now home to eight girls.

Exploitation in Albania
Exploitation of children, especially girls, is a widespread problem in Albania. Albanian Social Services and the Police recognize the need for an active approach in dealing with this problem, but lack the resources necessary to deal with this widespread problem. Additionally, offenders are often released quickly from police custody, while children have to live the rest of their lives with the trauma. About one in four Albanian girls has been sexually abuse. They are often emotionally damaged for life and left without a bright future.

The Safe House
Girls who have been removed from these situations are often emotionally scarred and traumatized, but at the safe house they get a chance to rebuild their lives and reclaim their childhood. We also have an apartment connected to the Safe Home allowing us to care for and coach these girls into young-adulthood. We can provide a home and loving care for girls aged 6-18.

Family life
At the Safe Home, we try as much as possible to create the structure and environment of a healthy family home. The five staff members do everything normal parents would do, such as taking the girls to the dentist, going to parent meetings at school, etc. In addition, they give the girls personal guidance to help them create healthy habits, skills, and expectations for life. This requires patience and wisdom because each of the girls has their own story and set of traumas.


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