education for handicapped children

education-handicapt-children-project-KorceThe Kenedi Foundation helps various disabled groups such as children with cerebral palsy. There are also programs for children with autism and their parents. There is physiotherapy and concerts are given in the summer with this target group.

Each morning, children and teenagers with autism meet in small groups for education on their own level. Once a month the children are visited at home. In addition, the Foundation runs a parent-support group on this underexposed theme, so parents receive advice how to treat their children well.

In Albania, disabled children are often hidden or unrecognized or ‘held as a baby’. To break this taboo, birthday celebrations are organized. Some children cannot wait until it’s their birthday, when they have a pie to eat, get a present and be in the spotlight. It is a nice way to show that they are unique and loved.

Music-summer week
The English musician Adrian Snell visits every summer with a trip to the disabled assistance project. For many children and teenagers with disabilities, this is the highlight of the year, where they make music together and give a performance.

Cerebral Palsy
Currently six children with cerebral palsy are helped. Cerebral palsy is an impairment in motor skills which can effect changes in intellect, character, speech, vision and hearing. Some children are supported at home, others in the church. In the summer they go swimming several times, which is really special for them. Two of the children receive private lessons and follow the regular Albanian education system. Five times a week, a teacher visits the state run home for the disabled.

More help for the children
For some disabled children and their parents who live in the villages it is expensive to travel regularly to Korça for treatment. The Kenedi Foundation wants to help them more, but it still lacks sufficient finance. Are you able to help us?!


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