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The Kenedi Foundation is pleased that the British musician Adrian Snell is again prepared to take up a collection during his Passion Easter concert for the benefit of this Albanian foundation. The five concerts on 24-28 March in several Dutch towns and cities will tell the Easter story in a musical way.

During the evenings, Adrian will also talk about his involvement in the Kenedi Foundation. Every summer the British musician visits Korce and uses music as a way to communicate with street children, the disabled and the elderly.

20160216 Fotoshoot Nardi (18)Nardi
Adrian will play some songs together with the Albanian musician Nardi Melesini. Nardi who was born in 1973, is one of the pastors and music leader at the evangelical church in Korce. He has a compassionate heart and a giving nature. Nardi writes his own worship songs and music. In 2008 Adrian and Nardi with an Albanian worship group made a CD. In 2015, Adrian recorded a pair of Nardi’s own music and songs. Nardi is also the chaplain of the prison in Korce and supports the families of the prisoners. Nardi is married and has one son.

The Passion
‘The Passion’ is one of the greatest works of the English songwriter and has influences from classical, modern and choral music. Through the songs the listener experiences the Easter story, with its various protagonists. It brings the alive the Easter story in a unique way!

The collection during the Christmas concerts by Adrian in December 2015 raised more than 6,000 euros. Tickets for the Easter concerts can be ordered through teh Dutch concert organisation

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Football is in Albania’s favourite sport. Many Albanians regularly play football, including a group of (Roma) boys that the Kenedi Foundation support. The group of 10-16 year olds receive twice weekly training and have a weekly football match on an indoor football pitch.

20160223 nieuwe trainingspakken 1000pix (7) The Dutch football club OWIOS donated the entire team tracksuits with children’s sizes to the Kenedi Foundation. Recently, these were distributed to the youth players who absolutely loved them. They even wanted to wear the new suits to school.

Additionally, there are new t-shirts, sports pants and socks for the teams on the way to Albania. It is lovely that these clothes are getting a new home over here.

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The Kenedi Foundation has partnered with Nestor Furxhi in opening a food bank. The project, which is the fourth of its kind in Albania, began in March 2015 when the group began collecting healthy, non-perishable food for distribution. Food is being collected in supermarkets and stored at the Evangelical Church of Korce/Kisha Ungjillore e Korces.

Almost half a million Albanians live below the national poverty line. Many have less than one euro a day for personal expenses. In the Korce area, many people live in poverty. The food bank is designed to help the extremely poor and people in emergency situations.

An additional goal of the project is to provide education in high schools about nutrition and ways to avoid food waste.

20150321 foodback actie korce (6)Motivated by Jesus
Furxhi was inspired to begin the project by the desire to act on the needs that he sees. “My personal example is Jesus who said in Matthew 25:34, ‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,’” says Furxhi.

Local and international involvement
“Food Bank Albania” was started in November 2013 by a Dutch NGO, Mensenkinderen. The organization cooperates with national and independent organizations in Albania and is operated by volunteers.

We need you!

There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Be a volunteer
  • Give food
  • Help connect us with your network of people

If you are interested in being a part of this project, contact Nestor Furxhi, or 069 366 1481.

You can Follow the foodbank at Facebook or take a look at Foodbank Albanië Website.

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